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Postpartum Questions

Which product should I take Postpartum?

The base formula is the same with the Postpartum and the Essential; the Postpartum has the option to add the lactation boost, which many choose to do, and that's the only difference! The base formula of the two green Daily Essentials and yellow softg

How long should I take the Postpartum for?

While doctors typically refer to the most critical Postpartum time as the "fourth trimester", so, three months, your body is recovering for a lot longer than that. We recommend taking the Postpartum for at least a full year post birth, especially if

Can I take the Powers while breastfeeding?

Our doctor's general recommendation is to wait until you finish breastfeeding as the primary/only form of nutrition for your baby before starting the Powers. We recommend you take the Postpartum or the Essentials and the Calcium/Magnesium/Vitamin D b

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