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Are the products third-party tested?Updated 2 months ago

Yes, we use third-party accredited laboratories using USP methods for microbial, heavy metals, and pathogen testing. We thoroughly evaluate each batch of our finished product to ensure they are within specification.

We are a Canadian company, and our products are approved by Health Canada.

Each capsule is assigned a license and NPN number through a rigorous approval process that involves formula reviews. In Canada, NPNs are required to sell Natural Health Products (supplements), but in the US, the FDA doesn't regulate supplements in the same way. You can rest assured that because the regulations are stricter for companies that sell supplements in Canada, we've undergone far more licensing than what is required in the US.

Our raw materials are tested by an independent lab for microbial and pathogen contamination, potency, and heavy metals.

Our capsules and softgels are made in GMP facilities that are site-licensed and FDA-registered and undergo a supplier qualification process by our QA team.

In terms of our medical devices (our at-home tests), those have all been approved and licensed by both Health Canada and the FDA.

We take testing and quality very seriously.

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